Meet Jill Duffy, New Senior Editor at ACM

Not only am I introducing a guest blogger, but Jill Duffy is the new senior editor at ACM responsible for eLearn Magazine. Meet Jill and learn about her skills and background: When I was an undergraduate student at the University […]

Do You Need to Wash Your Hands When You’re an Online Learner?

The World Health Organization (WHO) announced today that H1N1 is officially a pandemic. This will undoubtedly lead to more information about what to do to prevent the spread of germs, all actions people should take even when there isn’t a […]

Love, Math, and e-learning

My father-in-law, Dom Gualtieri, teaches math online at Saint Leo University (my sister-in-law teaches geology online too; quite the family I married into!). Tekia Johnson, a Sergeant in the US Army, was stationed in Iraq when she wrote the following […]

The Ultimate Revenge: “It’s a Training Problem” Revisited

I wrote about a frustrating experience with poor customer service (“It’s a training problem”) and was surprised how many people told me that I should have “outed” the company and that the Internet is the ultimate revenge. I was mindful […]

“It’s a training problem”

Have you ever contacted a company about fixing a problem and felt like you weren’t being listened to or were even insulted? This happened to me recently with my telecommunications provider when my phones started working intermittently. My first phone […]