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Are You a Social Media Star?

Social media has changed how educators engage with each other and their students online. Recently, compiled a list of the “50 Teachers Who Are Social Media Stars.” You may already be familiar with some of these names: Vicki Davis Dean Shareski Jon […]

Privacy, Trust, and Big Data

This post, to me, is really about what Mark Federman has called “unanticipated consequences” or “unintended consequences.” (Federman is Chief Strategist at the McLuhan Program in Culture and Technology so his statements are informed by Marshall McLuhan’s “the medium is […]

The Value of Public bPortfolios

The Value of Public bPortfolios

David Hopkins used the time waiting for his iOS5 update more productively than I did (my nails are red). He read (and thankfully wrote) about an academic paper on public bPortfolios (blogging portfolios). Dubbed in the abstract as a “holistic […]