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Crash Course on Sarah Palin

palin_tease__1221031332_8145.jpgYesterday’s Boston Globe reported that “the American electorate is taking a crash course in Sarah Palin,” John McCain’s running mate. Much of this, no surprise, is being conducted on the Internet.
Websites, blogs, tweets—everyone seems to have something to say or something they want to find out about. The obvious difficulty is determining what is true and what is fabricated, exaggerated, or taken out of context. But isn’t that part of the point of teaching—to distill knowledge?
Here’s my advice, Sen. McCain, not that you asked: develop an online course that presents the information everyone is seeking in a concise and inviting format. Inviting here means lots of pictures—Gov. Palin seems to be on the cover of every magazine this week. Include audio and video clips too. And make sure you answer the questions on everyone’s mind—and if you aren’t sure what they are, start with the 21,476 questions posed (and answered!) about Palin on Yahoo Answers.
Of course, there’s the other meaning of crash course. An example is in a Star Trek episode when “the Enterprise encounters what they think is a large asteroid on a crash course to a populated planet”. The asteroid is actually a ship filled with people who whose “thoughts are monitored by an unknown source and cause them pain if they think of any forbidden subjects.” I can think of some politicians who would like that!

6 Responses

  1. Great idea. When I got the invite to this blog and a picture of Sarah Palin came up, I thought, “Uh-oh, here we go.” Thanks for being real with it and not getting into the politics of it.

  2. Wow! Great Lisa. First of all: Congratulations for the blog. I am a big fan of your articles and overall, I love e-Learn Mag. It is one of the online mags that affects my work directly. I was so happy to hear about the blog because now I can share with you and I can give feedback. Thanks for providing such an opportunity, and regarding the advice: You still stress on using e-Learning in real life scenarios, and you presented a great one.

  3. Two weeks after the big VP announcement, the media is still uncovering information about Sarah Palin. Information that would NOT I think be in a course that the McCain-Palin Campaign created (because much of it is not flattering).
    Many of our learners in the corporate training world know how to parse a course. Just like voters, they consider the source. “Hey, look what corporate wants us to do. Yeah, right. Ha, ha, ha.”
    I wonder, what would happen if a candidate highlighted both their strengths and weaknesses. Probably bad for the candidate, though good for the election decision making.
    On topics were opinions matter (voting is all about opinions), we need the point-counterpoint to get at the truth.

  4. I think this might be helpful but why only Sara Palin? We know even less about Obama.

  5. I doubt senator McCain will even know how to use the tools of the
    Internet, but great suggestion.

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